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Watch the New Season!

Get With The Programming

Simone’s always making things to bring her fun ideas and crazy plans to life.

Why not send candy to the whole school by drones, 3-D print your science assignment? Or follow your dreams of becoming an actual astronaut?

When Simone isn’t hanging out in Rowat High School’s MakerSpace, getting messy with YouTube sensation STEMily or becoming a C.I.T at the coolest space camp on the planet, she’s in a constant video chat with her friends - Type-A musician and star student Lana, uber-energetic gaming enthusiast Bevan, and class cutup Jackson, ‘King Of The Meme’.

Together Simone and her friends solve problems, make each other laugh – and crack the Emerald Code!

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Click here to watch as Simone and her friends find hilarious, creative and sometimes complicated new ways to have fun adventures with STEM!

Watch Emerald Code: Decoded, a series where you can see kids just like you making a difference in the world of STEM. Click here to check it out.


New Dots

Make and Dos! D.I.Ys! Experiments! All things you can do too at home! Prepare to “Get Messy” with STEM star STEMily. Click here to check out her playlist.


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