Simone’s always making things to bring her fun ideas and crazy plans to life.  Why not send candy to the whole school by drones, or 3-D print your science assignment? When Simone and her friends, Type-A musician and star student Lana, uber-energetic gaming enthusiast Bevan, and class cutup Jackson, ‘King Of The Meme’—aren’t hanging out in Rowat High School’s MakerSpace, they’re in constant contact on their video chat, ‘Konnect’, in a never-ending group hang. Together, they solve high school problems, make each other laugh – and crack the Emerald Code!

Simone (Star Slade)

Adventurer. Best person to have around if you need to create something, quick!

Simone loves to make stuff, try stuff – an as an extremely curious optimist, she learns what she’s doing by doing it! Simone’s focused on the big picture, but those small, last-minute details? ...not so much. Simone doesn’t worry if something doesn’t work out – she’ll build on it, change what it’s for, or try something completely new. She’s super into this quote from an OG ‘maker’, Thomas Edison - “I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.

Lana (Anwen o’Driscoll)

Challenger. Best person to have around if you need a problem solved right.

Lana is level-headed, musical, funny, but still focused on getting it right –basically, the best kind of best friend! Lana’s the one who will do the research and know the right way to do things (she even knows how to troubleshoot the 3-D printer if it stops working). She is most comfortable being in charge, because that way she knows she’ll think of everything that needs to be thought of!She loves music because it calms her, and it’s the one time she doesn’t mind being lost to something.

Bevan (Sama Konateh)

Solver. Best person to have around if you want to be challenged and entertained at the same time.

Bevan loves late nights, laughing at Jackson, and especially loves to solve puzzles. She likes all kinds of games, but she’s really into Virtual Reality and live escape rooms – she’s even creating a game in a virtual version of Rowat High - and it’s amazing. Bevan is a solid person and very direct – if you don’t want an honest answer to “is this shirt working with these pants?”, don’t ask Bevan!

Jackson (John Paul Ruttan)

Joker. Best person to have around if you have had a rough day.

Jackson takes laughing and comedy very, very seriously. He loves a joke and finds all kinds of ways to make them out of just about anything, especially if they’re digital and visual. Jackson creates filters that pop up on Konnect with his friends, memes for every occasion, and tiny, ridiculous figures or silly robots just to make people laugh.